Protect your skin

And your new tattoo

The two weeks after getting fresh ink are crucial. Both your new tattoo and your skin need a rich yet gentle lotion that forms a breathable layer to protect your skin while your tattoo is healing.

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Tattoo care

The natural way

That’s where our Daily Moisturising Cream comes in. It’s light, nourishing and easily-spread, making it perfect for looking after your skin and new tattoo. And being 99% natural it’s free from perfumes, petrochemicals and paraffins to reduce the risk of irritation.

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How to care for your new tattoo

To ensure your new piece heals and stays looking as good as it can, we’ve outlined 8 crucial points to follow:

Listen to your tattoo artist - they’re the pros, what they say goes so follow their advice.

Leave your cling film wrap on - different tattoos will require different lengths of time to fully heal so however long your artist has instructed, whether it’s two hours or one day, follow their guidance and leave it on.

Wash the area properly but gently - take the wrap off, use a soap-free, unfragranced bodywash or cleanser, our Natural Shampoo & Body Wash is a great option, along with lukewarm water.

Carefully pat dry, don’t rub - and use a clean paper towel rather than a cotton towel.

Apply a thin layer of our Daily Moisturising Cream to your clean, dry skin and let it absorb.

Don’t pick the scab! If it’s itching resist the urge to scratch as you may pull out some of the ink and also risk scarring or infection.

Avoid exposing your new tattoo to water - for the first couple of weeks avoid long baths, showers or swimming (no pools or wild swimming) until your tattoo is completely healed.

Keep taking care of your skin! Even after the initial healing period, make sure you keep your skin moisturised, hydrated and in healthy condition with natural, unscented skincare, so your tattoo stays looking great and lasts a lifetime.

Skin Salvation
Skin Salvation

For more information on tattoo aftercare and your skin, check out the tattoo section of our Info Hub.

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