The Balmonds Drench Ritual: Elevate Your Shower Routine for Skin and Mind

Discover the Balmonds Drench Ritual, a transformative shower experience inspired by the 2023 skin flooding trend and TikTok sensation, Amelia Gartner.

Embracing mental wellness as a crucial component of skin health, especially for those with sensitive skin or dry skin conditions, the Drench Ritual provides skin with a unique blend of nourishment and protection and is more than just an every day routine—it's a mindful moment to nurture your skin as you clear your mind and focus on yourself.

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Before We Start: Create Your Own Sugar Scrub

The first step is to exfoliate, and you have the flexibility to choose your preferred method. Whether it's dry body brushing, using your favorite scrub, or a gentle cloth with our Natural Shampoo & Body Wash. For a cost-effective option that delivers fantastic results, consider making your own sugar scrub. Sugar is a superb exfoliant, unclogging pores, promoting healthy skin cell turnover, balancing oil production, smoothing skin tone, and creating an overall fresh look and feel.

To make your sugar scrub, all you need is a sugar grain of your choice—the smaller the grain, the softer the scrub. Mix approximately 1 tablespoon of our Omega Rich Cleansing Oil or Bath & Body Oil per 50g of sugar. Store your scrub in an air-tight container and indulge in this DIY treat each time you shower.

DIY Sugar Body Scrub for Balmonds Drench Ritual

Step 1: Exfoliate

Begin your ritual by indulging in your homemade sugar scrub infused with our Omega-Rich Cleansing or Bath & Body Oils. This gentle exfoliation primes your skin for the upcoming steps, promoting soft and supple skin.

Step 2: First Cleanse

Under the soothing flow of water, rinse away the exfoliating grains with our Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil.

Washing with an oil cleanser followed by a cream or gel-like formula is often referred to as "double cleansing"; Balmonds Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil is a treasure trove of essential fatty acids, replenishing your skin's natural barrier whilst helping break down dirt & impurities without stripping the skin. 

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Step 3: Second Cleanse

Free from harsh chemicals, our Natural Shampoo & Body Wash brings a gentle yet effective cleansing experience that caters to sensitive skin. As you rinse away the day, savour the delightful scent of our Natural Shampoo & Body Wash. This aromatic experience adds an extra layer of sensory delight to your ritual, turning your shower into a spa-like retreat.

Close up hands pumping Natural Shampoo & Body Wash into palm for Balmonds Drench ritual

Step 4: Infuse and Pat Dry

Step away from the water flow to infuse your skin with our Bath & Body Oil. Take a moment to let the nourishing oils absorb into your skin before lightly rinsing. As you step out of the shower, gently pat your skin dry, feeling the difference in texture and hydration.

Enriched with natural oils, Balmonds Bath & Body Oil locks in moisture, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and protected. It's worth noting that it's also perfect for a soothing massage!

Step 5: Moisturise

Gently smooth Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream combined with a few drops of Bath & Body Oil all over to seal in essential moisture and the layered benefits of our natural herbal extracts. This final step helps ensure your skin stays hydrated, soft, supple and protected.

Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream close up texture swirl

Notes for Personalisation:

  • Prep your hair by washing and clipping it up before starting the ritual

  • If shaving, incorporate it during the first wash step

  • All Balmonds products are versatile and can be used on the face, making them excellent multitaskers. Feel free to adjust the product base or steps to suit your preferences

  • Oils can make your bath or shower tray slippery, take extra care when stepping out to avoid slipping

    Balmonds Drench Ritual product range - Suitable for sensitive skin, dry skin, itchy skin & skin conditions

    More Than a Routine!

    The Balmonds Drench Ritual is more than a skincare routine; it's a journey to elevate your shower experience, blending nourishment for your skin with mindful time to escape and unwind. Embrace the ritual, and let each step become a moment of self-care, transforming your daily shower into a holistic and rejuvenating practice.

    If this is your night-time ritual to help you unwind, you might also like to try our Calming Infusion Recipe - a rest inducing, skin boosting nightcap developed by our in-house nutritionist, Farah Mehrez.  

    Save & Indulge

    Don’t miss out on our Drench Ritual Set at a special price of £48.98, saving £19 on the full price of products purchased individually. Additionally, you'll receive your products in our exclusive organic cotton wash pouch. And don't forget, all our products are multipurpose, perfect for your daily facial skincare routine, for the whole family, and anytime, anywhere your skin needs a bit of TLC.

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    Join the social community embracing the #DrenchRitual. Share your moments of self-care, body hydration, and mindful skincare. Because your skin matters, and so do you. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of self-love and the power of a truly transformative skincare ritual.

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