It started in an English kitchen

And became a mission to help sensitive skin around the world

First came

Our all-natural balm

We launched Skin Salvation in 2007 when a mother needed a safe, all-natural balm for her daughter’s eczema. Now we have over a dozen products that are revolutionising the way people manage and treat their skin.

Products that work

For all skin types

71% of the global population suffer from sensitive skin. And eczema affects over 20% of the world’s children. Yet we still hear the phrase, ‘I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work!’ That’s why our goal is to innovate natural skincare and provide help in every way we can.

Decades of expertise

Now at your fingertips

As well as offering a variety of effective natural skincare solutions for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and more, we’ve evolved beyond just award-winning products.

Connect, learn and heal

Join the community

We’ve created a community that offers expert advice, compassionate support and free resources for anyone struggling with their skin. Whether you’re a Balmonds Brand Ambassador, a reader of our Info Hub, or simply follow us on social media, you’re part of our family.

No chemicals, perfumes or sulphates

For adults and children

Adults and children alike now rely on us for safe, chemical and perfume-free solutions to their debilitating dry, sensitive and sore skin issues. We only use the highest quality natural ingredients. Each one is carefully chosen for its skin-nourishing benefits, ensuring it’s safe to apply on sensitive and allergy-prone skin without the risk of long term, damaging or harmful side effects.

Our vision

For all-natural skincare

In 2017, Lush Co-Founder Andrew Gerrie discovered the life-changing effects that our products were having for those suffering with their skin and acquired the brand. His vision is to get Balmonds into the hands of every person around the world who needs it.

“If we can produce natural products that help people alleviate sore skin issues, then we’re a valuable part of society.”

~ Andrew Gerrie, Owner of Balmonds Skincare.

Your skin deserves better

Your skin deserves Balmonds

We believe every single person struggling with their skin should have access to first class, natural skincare and expert information that truly makes a difference.

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