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“It means so much to me to see real skin represented because all you see in the media is perfect, blemish, wrinkle free skin, as if we should all strive for perfection and are somehow less worthy if we can’t achieve that.”

“My favourite Balmonds is the Tea Tree balm – it's revolutionising how I look after my skin. Using lovely products on my skin makes me feel special and is helping me learn to love and treat my skin kindly.”

"It's great to see real skin getting the recognition it deserves - it takes the stigma away and makes me feel less like an outcast."

“My favourite product is the Daily Moisturiser - it absorbs easily and keeps my skin hydrated all day long."




“Representation means everything to me. Growing up I used to think it was just me going through it, so the fact that real skin is represented now is such a beautiful thing.”

“My favourite Balmonds? The Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil because it feels so silky smooth when I cleanse my face, and the Rosehip Scar Oil because it helps fade my hyperpigmentation!”

“It warms my heart to know many people will be able to relate and feel seen, which is exactly what we’ve always deserved!”

“My favourite Balmonds product for both Albie and I is Skin Salvation. It provides instant relief to intensely dry skin, skin-on-skin friction, and so much more!”

Beth & Albie


Latishia & Kaizen


“It means the world to see a brand casting real people with real skin conditions, which is helping to change lives.”

“I love Balmonds Skin Salvation because it smells great and feels amazing on the skin.”

“Each time we embrace, support, and flaunt unedited skin, we challenge the perception of beauty, this unattainable beauty standard. I wish I could have seen real skin - especially South Asian skin, growing up - to feel accepted no matter what we look like is a feeling like no other.”

“I carry Skin Salvation everywhere I go, I genuinely don’t think I could live without it.”





“I think it's incredible to see real skin! To see it celebrated like this gives such an affirming feeling!”

“My favourite Balmonds product is definitely the Skin Salvation! I love how protected my skin feels when wearing it.”

“Representation means the absolute world. Growing up I was embarrassed about my skin when it was angry or flared up - I want to give little Lowri a big hug and say it’s ok, you’re not alone.”

“My favourite is the obvious one - Skin Salvation. This is the product which helped me out when I was having the most intense and life changing flare up I’ve had in my adult life.”





“For me representation means EMPOWERMENT of yourself and others. It means seeing and instantly feeling a huge overwhelming sense of BELONGING. It means being inspired and then inspiring others yourself, simply for showing your real skin.”

“My ride or die is definitely Rosehip Scar Oil. No matter what stage my skin is at, it's always super hydrating and gentle.”

“To see real skin represented is recognising the different types of beauty there is in the world. If I saw someone with keloids when I was younger, I would have felt more accepted. Now I am the one who’s representing my keloid scars for everyone who suffers with them.”

“I have two favourites, Skin Salvation & Rosehip Scar Oil: they’ll always be my go-to for moisturising my skin and keloids! I love how I can use the rosehip oil when my keloids are sore or inflamed and I love how versatile Skin Salvation is.”