How to Use

Balmonds Skin Salvation

You can use our award-winning beeswax-based ointment on any part of your body and face as thickly and often as needed. Its gentle and 100% natural formulation makes it especially suitable for those prone to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and other dry, itchy skin conditions.


What is it used for?

- Persistent skin conditions
- Cuts, grazes, burns, bites
- Dry, chapped lips
- Rough, cracked skin
- Delicate area around the eyes
- Sore noses from cold and windy winter weather
- Irritated noses from pollen in hay fever season
- Barrier cream for babies – nappy rash, dribble rash
- Combat and protect against chafing, chub rub, bed sores, ulcers and pressure sores

- For gardeners, builders and climbers with hard working hands
- For care workers who spend their days in PPE and wash their hands often 
- For those who work with harsh detergents and chemicals
- For make-up artists to calm down red or blotchy skin before a big shoot
- For tattoo aftercare to create a nourishing protective barrier on newly-inked skin
- For pets to use it on sore paws and noses, dry, itchy spots, and as a barrier against water and dryness
- Skin Salvation is so pure and simple that you can even use it as wood polish or as leather protection, should you ever happen to have an excess!

Directions for use

Make sure to wash your hands before use or use a spoon to scoop out the salve. Warm up a small amount in clean fingers before applying – this makes it much easier to smooth onto your skin, especially when the salve is cold and firmer or the skin is broken.

When applying emollients, it’s important to try not to rub your skin to avoid further irritation. Instead, gently apply in the same direction of your hair follicles. If using on infected skin, take care not to spread the salve from an infected area to other areas – it’s always best to scoop out the salve with a spoon or clean hands.

Apply the salve liberally as often as required. Once applied, do not expose your skin to strong sunlight, as the salve is oil-based and can thus cause sunburn much faster, even when wearing SPF.

For those extra dry and irritated patches, Skin Salvation works brilliantly in wet-wrap treatments or simply as an overnight treatment for intense hydration: apply a thick layer before bed and wear some old pyjamas, as the salve can stain over time.

Skin Salvation can be used alongside prescribed emollients and medicated treatments: just leave half an hour between applying different creams Wearing fine cotton socks or gloves overnight to really boost the moisturising effect all the way through to morning.

"I've been using this product for just over a week now and the results are fantastic. The eczema is clearing and my skin is getting back to normal.”

~ Rosalind

Patch test first

As with any new skincare product, we always advise you patch test a tiny amount of the oil behind the ear or in the crook of your elbow for at least 24 hours before widespread use. Visit our Patch Test page for a detailed guide.

Please visit our Patch Test page for more information.

For a lighter emollient that you can used multiple times throughout the day, try our more easily-absorbed Daily Moisturising Cream.

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