Gentle regenerative skincare for ageing, hormonal or fragile skin.


As we get older, so does our skin; it can get more sensitive, suddenly reacting to products it has always been fine with so far, or getting flushed, dehydrated or more prone to flare-ups.

At Balmonds, we never want to promise youthfulness, or make you worry about how your skin looks: we just want to take extra care of it! We won’t imply that ageing is something to run away from or conceal, so there are no magic ‘anti-ageing’ creams from us! No anti-wrinkle serums, no ‘younger-looking skin’ either. Just simple, natural products that will nourish and protect your precious skin, whatever your age.

If your skin is starting to get easily dehydrated, cracking, thinning or flaring up more often as you get older, we’d suggest you try some of our super-nutritious oils and creams. Balmonds Skin Salvation is a lovely rich balm that works well for the face, feet and hands, but you can also try our Intensive Hand Cream as a luxurious face cream or give yourself a daily boost of regenerative rosehip via our Intensive Facial Oil.