We take the raw materials for our skincare very seriously indeed.

That’s because our primary intention is to look after your precious skin without causing irritation or aggravating eczema. We want our creams, oils and balms to provide some serious hydration and nourishment for dry, sensitive or allergy-prone skin, but without the unnecessary synthetics that most skincare is made of! And where better to find that kind of super-charged goodness than Nature?

Our natural ingredients aren’t just there to add a little bit of botanical excitement to a standard moisturiser, they are the moisturiser!

Anhydrous = 100% natural

Most of our range - all our oils and ointments - are anhydrous: that means they’re made without water and don’t need any added preservatives to keep them fresh.

In fact, all Balmonds’ oils and ointments are 100% natural: no paraffin, no mineral oils, no synthetic emulsifiers or anything to pad them out, and definitely no highly irritant perfumes! 

Natural nourishment

We choose ingredients that feed the skin with the nutrients it needs to rebuild cells in its continual cycle of repair and regeneration.

The cold-pressed oils we use in Skin Salvation - hemp seed, olive, safflower - are packed full of essential fatty acids (EFAs) that those with eczema are often depleted in, while our herbal tinctures are full of minerals, antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories.

Think of our skincare as vitamin supplements that you put on your skin instead of take as a pill!

Biodynamic super-powers!

We source our special Skin Salvation blend of herbs from the English countryside, where they’re grown for us under holistic biodynamic principles. Calendula (marigold), chamomile, nettle and stellaria (chickweed) are at the heart of our balms, oils and creams in one form or another!

We chose for their skin-kind properties, as they’ve long been used in traditional herbal medicine to soothe itching, inflammation and help damaged skin to heal. Knowing they’ve been farmed without pesticides and in sympathy with nature’s cycles and needs is the cherry on the top!

Earth-kind & minimally-processed

We love that by using biodegradable, minimally-processed, raw ingredients like beeswax, seed oils, herbal extracts, essential oils and shea butter we’re being kinder to the Earth than we would be if we were using petrochemicals, synthetic emulsifiers, artificial fragrance or other non-natural additives.

Our star ingredient, hemp, for example, is positively beneficial to the environment, adding nutrients to the soil and reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Paraffin-based creams can’t compete with that for eco-friendliness!

Minding our own beeswax

We use locally-produced beeswax in our balms: Skin Salvation of course, but also and our two little rescue salves, Lavender and Tea Tree.

It comes from Paynes Bees, a family farm just down the road from us in the Sussex countryside. Beeswax is a wonderful ingredient for skincare because it is naturally antimicrobial, battling the bugs that can cause infection, and is a brilliant humectant, which means it locks moisture into thirsty skin. It also provides a breathable protective layer over broken or raw skin, soothing the itch and protecting from external irritants and allergens like dust or pollen.

What we don’t use...

Sometimes even ‘natural’ is worth avoiding.

We don’t use nuts oils at all in any of our products and our workshop (and office!) are completely nut-free environments.

We don’t use any ingredients made from cow’s milk; we don’t add fragrances processed from living creatures; we don’t use dairy-derived fatty acids, animal-derived glycerin, keratin, lanolin, tallow, ingredients made from fish or shellfish, or ingredients made from egg protein.

Keeping things clear & simple!

All our ingredients are listed in full at the bottom of each product page, including the very few synthesised ingredients we use in our products with water in their formulation. 

If you have any questions at all about our products, what’s in them and where it comes from, then just drop us a line at customersupport@balmonds.com