From the kitchen sink to the high street.

Our award-winning Skin Salvation ointment is still made to the same original recipe created by a mother for her daughter over twenty years ago. Even now, our whole range is still produced and packaged in-house, so you can be sure exactly what goes into our products, and know that they’re being produced in a safe and ethical environment.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Balmonds stand out from other skincare brands…

Our supply chain

We are firm believers in sourcing all our ingredients as sustainably and locally as possible, and only select the highest quality raw materials. Your precious skin deserves the best, and what better way to treat it than with fairly traded, natural ingredients that support other small businesses like ourselves?

Herbal tinctures

Our herbal tinctures are grown for us by a biodynamic farm in the East Midlands that practices regenerative agriculture, a farming approach that rehabilitates and enhances the entire ecosystem of the land. Their biodynamic and organic certification ensures complete traceability as well as sustainability, and with the staggering number of trees they plant yearly the activities of the farm itself actually absorb more CO2 than they generate! This way of farming ensures that the soil our four hero tinctures grow in has never seen a drop of synthetic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers. Instead, they just let nature do its thing!


Everyone knows that bees play a crucial part in keeping our ecosystems functioning, so we’re adamant that the beeswax we use in Skin Salvation comes from happy, healthy bees that have the freedom to go about their business in a natural environment. The family-run farm we source our beeswax from was founded in 1922 and is just down the road from our Brighton workshop. They’re just as passionate about the environment as they are about bees, which is why they site their hives all across Sussex, Hampshire and Kent, letting their bees access a diverse and colourful array of flora.

A very lovely and down-to-earth video all about Payne’s bee farm: Click here

Shea butter

Because the shea nut tree only thrives in the African savannah, we had to go further afield to source this wonder of an ingredient! We’re pleased to say that our shea butter supplier has created job opportunities for 15,000 women in rural communities of West Africa; empowering women to earn an income and promoting social responsibility, they use women’s cooperatives throughout Ghana to gather and process the nuts into the beautiful shea butter that is such an important ingredient in our moisturising creams. The company is certified organic and is able to trace each nut back to its original harvest location. The cooperative is also part of the Fair For Life initiative, and supports the Hippo Sanctuary in Ghana, returning a percentage of its profits back to the local ecosystem as well as supporting the education and welfare of neighbouring communities.

Balmonds skincare

We pride ourselves on being an ethical natural skincare company, so it really matters to us where our ingredients come from and how their cultivation affects the surrounding environment. That’s why we’ve been extra careful in selecting our suppliers, to ensure that we’re as environmentally friendly as possible, and that we’re doing our bit for Mother Nature - because where would Balmonds be without her?

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“If we can produce natural products that are kind and gentle for those with skin issues, then we’re a valuable part of society.”

~ Andrew Gerrie, Owner of Balmonds Skincare.