Here at Balmonds our ingredients are carefully chosen to give your skin deep nourishment, literally feeding you from the outside – in! So we would like to share some dietary tips that allow your skin to be nurtured from the inside – out!

Hemp Oil

This oil offers high quantities of the Essential Fatty Acids which have been found to be very often lacking in those people prone to dry skin. 

Omega 3’s

Omega 3 is considered useful for such complaints as high blood pressure and cholesterol, inflammation, mental illness such as bipolar - and most importantly for us - improving severely dry skin. As well as putting this directly onto our skin as we do with Skin Salvation, there are also many ways in which Omega 3 can be accessed in our diet. The most commonly known way is through eating oily fish such as salmon, herring, anchovy and sardine. These fish are full of oils which are easy for our bodies to assimilate.

Flax Seeds

And if you prefer to avoid animal products then Flax Seeds have been found to be a very high plant source of Omega 3. These seeds can be eaten whole or ground and also provide a gentle fibre. 

Chia Seeds

Another seed, recently sold in this country, are Chia seeds. These provide a good sources of iron, calcium and protein as well as a steady supply of energy which can be very helpful if your blood sugar is unsteady. Soaked for a few minutes, these tiny seeds can be used for baking or mixed into cereals, desserts or smoothies - or anything else that takes your imagination!

Drinking a good amount of water each day is good for the system, of course, but we also have to realise we get a lot of water from the foods we eat, such as vegetables and fruits. It’s important that we therefore avoid over-cooking the nutrients these foods contain. Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, oily fish, nuts and seeds. And whenever possible eat high quality, fresh, organic food.

Food Supplements and Vitamins

For those of you who are not seafood fans, fish oil can be purchased in capsule form from all pharmacies and health food shops. Try to maintain healthy vitamin levels by eating colourful fruit and veg, like carrots (source of vitamin A), berries (vitamin C) and spinach (vitamin E).
Avoid direct contact with highly alkaline products such as washing powders as these can dry your skin.

In the Bathroom

Avoid if possible any skin products which contain potentially harmful artificial preservatives and petrochemicals. Here at Balmonds our motto is always read the label. Investigate the ingredients of your cosmetics. 

Avoid very hot water in the bath or shower. Pat your skin dry after washing – rubbing furiously with a towel can whisk away the skin's natural moisture barrier, or in short, be a little kinder to your skin. Then apply a quality oil like Balmonds Bath & Body Oil while your skin is still damp, to lock in moisture.

Look at how many causes there are that might bring on outbreaks of dry skin:

  • Frequent wetting and drying of skin
  • Wearing wool
  • Some synthetic fibres
  • Poorly fitting, rough clothing
  • Soaps and detergents
  • Perfumes and cosmetics
  • Substances like solvents, dust, or sand
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Dust and dust mites
  • Pollen and mould
  • Animal fur or dander
  • Food allergies (the most common are peanuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, and fish)
  • Long hot baths/showers
  • Overheating
  • Sweating
  • Stressful situations

There are so many triggers that may cause dry skin that it may appear all life is conspiring against the sufferer. Most of these triggers are impossible to avoid, unless you live in an oxygen bubble. So what’s the answer?

Common sense suggests that realisation is half the key. If you realise you are sensitive to wearing wool, then you may choose not to wear it, perfumes and cosmetics likewise. But we are all exposed to high levels of dust mites and animal and fur dander so how do we cope? Well being prepared for an outbreak can act as damage limitation and forewarned is forearmed. When we become better educated as to what affects our skin we become better at coping with the problem. 

Dry skin is not just skin deep.