Dermatologist Approved.

We’re proud Skin Salvation’s now been officially approved by a dermatologist for use on sensitive skin!

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What does ‘dermatologist approved’ really mean?

We’ve always known Skin Salvation was good for people whose skin was sensitive to irritating ingredients - fragrances, preservatives, sulphates - that get added to so many conventional skincare products.

That’s why it was invented in the first place, specifically for sore, eczema-prone skin. We used naturally nourishing ingredients that wouldn’t make sensitive skin flare up, and left out the synthetic additives that can often cause problems.

So, while we’ve always said Skin Salvation is super gentle for sensitive skin, we wanted to make it official! Now, new customers around the world can be sure our claims have solid scientific evidence behind them.

How was Skin Salvation dermatologically tested?

By a specialist laboratory in a randomised, blind control trial.

The lab selected a group of people who have sensitive skin and applied the balm to their skin at intervals, with a total of four applications over five days. The same group also had applications of sterile water (a neutral substance) and sodium lauryl sulphate (a known irritant) to compare against how their skin reacted to our Skin Salvation.

Experts checked their skin every day for signs of inflammation, dryness and irritation, carefully noting any effects they found. At the end of the trial, they took the results to expert dermatologists to analyse.

And what were the results?

You guessed it, Skin Salvation didn’t irritate, inflame or dry out anyone’s skin during the trial. In fact, it performed better than the neutral control substance - sterile water! This meant the lab’s dermatologists were happy to officially state they could approve the balm for use on sensitive skin.

As a result, we can proudly say Skin Salvation is ‘Dermatologically Tested’, ‘Suitable for Sensitive Skin’, and ‘Dermatologist Approved’.

We think that’s definitely something to shout about. But we also know everyone’s skin is different, so we always recommend to do a patch test if you’re trying Skin Salvation or any of our products for the first time.

100% natural moisturising balm

Skin Salvation

• Rich, oil-based and made with beeswax to lock in moisture.
• Supports the skin's cycle of repair and regeneration.
• Suitable for all ages*, skin types and anywhere on the body.
• Free from synthetic additives, fragrances, parabens or paraffin.

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