5 Tips For Treating Eczema When You Have Acne

5 Tips For Treating Eczema When You Have Acne

Acne and eczema are both persistent and distressing skin conditions, which, though caused by different issues, can sometimes occur together. So how can you look after skin that’s prone to both eczema and acne, without aggravating either condition?

Here are five top tips for managing your eczema if you’ve also got acne.

1. Check your meds

Be very careful that your acne medication isn’t flaring up your eczema! Check with your GP or dermatologist what’s being prescribed and why, and be aware that acne treatments which are designed to dry out the skin can trigger eczema, which needs extra moisture and oils, not less!

2. Choose gentle skincare!

Avoid soaps, sulphates, and scents, as these are the worst culprits for triggering flare-ups and can exacerbate both acne and eczema. Pick natural, unfragranced, nourishing products; less is sometimes more. Always patch test a small amount of any new product by itself before widespread use (behind the ear is ideal), and try not to use different products at once, in case you can't tell which is causing breakouts.

3. Look at your lifestyle.

Prioritise managing your stress, as stress can trigger flares of acne and eczema, but also boost your gut biome with pro- and prebiotics, and eat an omega-rich diet for skin health!

4. Keep moisturising!

You can use oils or oil-based creams on acne-prone skin - even if that seems counterintuitive! Some oils clog pores and can worsen acne, but eczema-prone skin is desperate for essential fatty acids. Check oils comedogenic value online and go for the lowest possible score possible! Oils that should nourish eczema-prone skin while not causing acne breakouts include: safflower, sunflower, hemp seed, borage, grapeseed. 

5. Keep clean...

...but use a soap-free, scent-free wash, warm (not hot) water, and don’t soak for hours if it causes your skin to get dehydrated! You can dab our antimicrobial rescue oil (Balmonds Scalp Oil) on acne spots, as well as use it on eczema-prone scalps and other areas.

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