Is Hemp Oil Safe During Pregnancy? 

First of all, a quick reassurance that the hemp oil we use in so many Balmonds products is neither CDB nor psychoactive THC oil!

It’s made with the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, a strain grown perfectly legally for its nutritious seeds, rather than for its flowers, stalks or leaves. Here’s an explanation of the differences between the various hemp oils.

Hemp oil and skin

So what's in hemp seed oil that makes it so good for the skin? Well, primarily, an extraordinarily rich variety of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other nutrients that are fantastic for your health and wellbeing!

In fact, there’s nothing in hemp seed oil that should cause the slightest problem for a developing baby or their mum.

On the contrary, hemp seed oil is a brilliant supplement for pregnant women; as well as adding it to your diet in smoothies, flapjacks or salads, you can feel free to smother your skin in it throughout your pregnancy and beyond, especially if you’re finding that this is a time when your skin definitely needs a bit of extra help!

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How pregnancy affects skin

Pregnancy can really deplete your body of nutrients, as all your energy and resources go towards nurturing the tiny being you’re carrying.

And then there’s the dreaded pregnancy hormones, wreaking havoc on once perfect skin, making it more sensitive, dry or prone to itchy flare-ups.

Going large on the hemp seed oil is a fantastic way of counteracting those pregnancy woes: the EFAs in hemp seed oil support the skin’s natural cycle of regeneration and repair, providing vital building blocks for the epidermis and keeping skin soft, strong and well-hydrated.

Applying hemp seed oil topically to your skin is a great way to absorb all that hempy goodness.

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