A Wet Wrap Kit List

A Wet Wrap Kit List

Gather everything together before starting the process of wet wrapping so the process is as smooth as possible.

Here's what you'll need:

• A warm (not hot) bath, run and ready to go

• A mild, unperfumed, emollient bath oil such as Balmonds Bath & Body Oil

• A very soft, clean towel to dry skin after bathing

• An extra clean dry towel to sit your child on during wrapping: ointment can be messy!

• Kitchen roll to wipe your emollient-covered hands 

• Emollient ointment (such as Skin Salvation) - enough to cover all areas affected

• A bowl or sink of warm water to soak wet layer in - or you can use the bath water

• The first, wet layer, which can be any of the following options:

Tubular bandages cut to size for arms, legs, torso
Gauze bandages
Body-fitting hypoallergenic cotton all-in-one suit
Fine cotton socks and/or gloves

    • The top, dry layer, which can be any of the following options:

    More tubular bandages cut to size
    More gauze bandages
    Long-sleeved top + leggings
    Cotton socks and/or gloves

      • Spray bottle of warm water to re-dampen the bottom layer if it dries out overnight.

      • Distraction techniques!

      Glove puppet
      Story tapes/audiobooks

        Skin Salvation is an ideal ointment to use under wet wraps. It protects, moisturises and nourishes and is free from common irritants - and most importantly, is designed so it doesn’t sting sore skin when applied!

        See our step-by-step guide to wet wrapping here.

        In this series of articles about wet wrapping, we’re focusing on using wet wraps with emollient creams, not with topical steroids. Always consult with a doctor or nurse if you’re using steroid creams as their potency may be increased when used under wet wraps and could damage the skin.


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