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Summertime and the living is easy… for some! But for those living with eczema, dermatitis and other dry or sensitive skin conditions, the heat brings with it a whole host of extra challenges, making for hot, dehydrated days and sweaty, itchy, uncomfortable nights.

So now’s the perfect time to stock up on great value bumper-size pots of our wonder balm, award-winning Skin Salvation, which turns out to be a remarkably versatile product for summer.

Here are our three top tips for keeping skin happy all summer long!


Get relief from cracked heels and sore feet!

If you find that being in flip-flops all day can dry out skin to the point where your feet are blistered, cracked, even bleeding, try applying a thick layer of Skin Salvation last thing at night. (Careful not to slip on tiled floors!) Wearing thin cotton or silk socks overnight can double-up on the balm’s hydrating properties, leaving heels softer and smoother in the morning. It’s great for soothing itchy-scratchy insect bites too.


Protect yourself from pollen & other environmental allergens!

Skin Salvation works wonders to relieve itchy, dry, teary eyes and noses sore from hay fever and endless sneezing, but, amazingly, when smeared under the nose, it also acts as a physical barrier to pollen, dust and pet dander, trapping particles and preventing so many of those pesky allergens from entering the body and causing sneezing fits.


How to combat the dreaded summer chafe?!

If you’ve got sensitive or eczema-prone skin, you’re probably well-used to the less pleasant aspects of summer heat: the sweating, the rubbing, the prickly itchiness… Skin Salvation is a life-saver for all those sore spots caused by a miserable combo of friction and sweat. Use it to soothe sore, raw skin and also as a protective measure, applying a layer of balm in the morning anywhere rubbing can occur: on thighs, under the bra-line, under arms or on toes.

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