Best Natural Treatment For Acne And Face Eczema

Best Natural Treatment For Acne And Face Eczema

Acne and eczema might be two very different skin conditions, but they can sometimes coincide, making it very difficult to know how to manage your skin. 

On the one hand, eczema-prone skin needs moisture, nourishment, and protection from external triggers; it needs help with building up the skin’s barrier function because it tends not to have enough sebum, the skin’s natural oil, which plays such a vital part in the skin’s defence system.

Acne, on the other hand, is a condition relating to over-oily skin; acne-prone skin needs a drastic reduction in sebum production, and putting more oils on your face can lead to a breakout of spots.

So how can you manage both at once?!

Luckily, going natural is a great choice. Where acne and eczema treatments can end up aggravating the other condition because they are essentially trying to do opposite things (always check that prescribed treatments work for your own unique skin!), if you pick the right natural skincare you should be able to boost your skin’s resilience and keep it healthy without triggering flare-ups.

The best natural treatment that works for both conditions is a nutritious, low comedogenic oil. You can chose whichever suits your skin best, and use them separately or in a blend.

These kind of oils nourish eczema-prone skin with the essential fatty acids it needs (and which eczema-sufferers are often depleted in), without clogging pores or causing an acne breakout, so they're perfect for the combination of acne and eczema.

  • safflower
  • sunflower
  • hemp
  • borage (aka starflower)
  • grape seed
  • rosehip
  • shea
  • olive
These oils are key ingredients across the Balmonds range, so you can rest assured that the creams and oils we make are suitable for looking after both acne and eczema-prone skin.

However, it's worth remembering that even these light but nutritious oils can sometimes cause breakouts in some people, so do patch test thoroughly first. Everyone’s skin is different, and while some love coconut oil, for example, other people’s skin react badly to even a tiny amount! Read our page about the importance of patch testing: Why Do I Need To Do A Patch Test Before Trying New Skincare?

For more about managing the two conditions, see our article 5 Tips For Treating Eczema When You Have Acne.

If you’re sticking to non-irritating natural products for acne and eczema, try using different products on different areas: you can apply a rich balm like Skin Salvation to dry, eczema-prone areas; Balmonds Scalp Oil as a topical rescue oil on spots; and a light cream (like our Cooling Cream) on acne-prone facial skin. Our Natural Shampoo & Body Wash works as a wonderfully gentle cleanser for both eczema and acne, and is free from sulphates, scent and soap.

Recommended products:

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Skin Salvation with beeswax, hemp & calendula (from £7.99 for 30ml)

Balmonds Scalp Oil with tea tree, borage & rosemary (£14.99 for 50ml)

Cooling Cream with menthol, aloe & lavender (£19 for 100ml)

Balmonds Natural Shampoo & Body Wash with nettle & calendula (£19 for 200ml)

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