What's The Best Natural Treatment For Ear Eczema?

Natural Treatment for Ear Eczema

Eczema in the ears can be a tricky thing to treat, because it's so difficult and uncomfortable to apply creams! But here are three simple, natural things you can try to soothe itchy, sore ears.

1. An ointment for exposed skin

If the eczema is around the outside of your ear, in the creases behind the ear, or on the ear lobe, you can apply Skin Salvation generously to the affected area. Apply several times a day for at least three days.

You can also use our Tea Tree balm, which is packed full of naturally antimicrobial tea tree essential oil, and is useful if you want to prevent infection around the ear. 

2. An oil for hard to reach areas

One of the very best remedies for hard to reach ear eczema is to use drops of essential oils in the ear. That way you can get the oil where it needs to go without having to touch it. Balmonds Scalp Oil is an ideal blend, as it contains of naturally antimicrobial tea tree and rosemary, nourishing hemp seed and borage oils, plus skin-kind oils of nettle, chickweed, calendula and olive.

Here's how to do it:

  • Lie on your side with a towel under your head, bad ear upwards
  • Warm a spoonful of Balmonds Scalp Oil to body temperature
  • Drip a few drops of the oil into the ear (if you haven’t got a dropper to hand then you can use a matchstick to gently drip a few drops into the ear from above)
  • Gently massage the areas in front and behind your ear with a bit more warm oil
  • Stay lying on your side for ten minutes; a warm towel over the sore ear can be nice
  • Don't poke into the ear with a cottonbud or anything else!
3. A natural shampoo

Synthetic shampoos and shower gels will not help ear eczema! It's surprising how much even a small amount of product can affect skin, and it's definitely possible for the irritants in standard shampoos and facial washes to aggravate ear eczema. Try switching over to a natural version instead, like Balmonds Natural Shampoo & Body Wash. This is an extremely mild, unperfumed, soap-free multi-purpose wash that you can use for hair, face and body.

Give it a while for troubled skin to settle down; it can take a good few weeks for the skin's regenerative cycle to heal the damage from synthetics.

If you’re worried about ear eczema either getting infected or not getting better, do see your GP to get it checked out.

Recommended products:

Balmonds Scalp Oil
with tea tree, nettle, borage & rosemary

Skin Salvation
balm with hemp seed and beeswax

Balmonds Tea Tree Balm
balm with tea tree essential oil and beeswax

Balmonds Natural Shampoo & Body Wash
with calendula and nettle

ear eczema

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