Does Eczema Cream Work For Acne?

Does Eczema Cream Work For Acne?

Two very different skin conditions, though both inflammatory in nature! But can you use the same cream you use for eczema on acne?

It’s a complicated question, with no straightforward answer, because it all depends on your own particular skin, its own unique triggers and the skincare that works - or doesn’t works! - for you.

The main difference in the two conditions is that eczema is generally a condition that involves dry, cracked, depleted skin, whereas acne is characterised by an excess of oils, leading to blocked pores.

If you went to a GP or dermatologist, you’d be offered different medications for acne and eczema: for a severe case of acne, you might be given antibiotics as well as anti-inflammatories; while for severe eczema, the medical strategy usually involves paraffin-based emollients and topical steroids. 

Don’t use prescribed creams for anything other than what they were prescribed for!

However, what both acne and eczema have in common is that both require careful regimes.

In both cases you need to make sure affected skin is:

  • clean
  • nourished
  • hydrated
  • soothed

The products you use every day, and the skincare routine you establish, can end up being pretty similar for both eczema-prone and acne-prone skin, if you're careful what you use. An unscented, over-the-counter cream that works for eczema can be good for acne-prone skin too, although steer clear of paraffin-based emollients.

Paraffin can clog pores and exacerbate acne, and is not recommended for oily skin.

So pick your cream carefully: an effective moisturiser will avoid inflammation, keep skin clean, moisturise effectively without clogging pores, and feed the skin with the vitamins, fats and minerals it needs to keep its regeneration cycle balanced and health. Chose one that doesn't contain perfume/fragrance, as this can irritate skin and cause inflammation.

It’s essential to patch test any new skincare product before widespread use, just in case your skin doesn’t tolerate it. Our patch test page explains this in greater detail.

How can Balmonds help?

Balmonds makes a great collection of gentle, natural skincare to keep sensitive skin healthy and clean, whether it is prone to acne, eczema or both. None of our products contain soap, SLS, perfumes, paraffin or silicones, so they won’t strip oils from the skin or dry it out. Instead, the natural moisturisers and cleansers work in harmony with the skin’s natural oils, keeping it balanced and healthy.

Although it might seem counter-intuitive to use oils to look after oily skin, the ones we use have a low comedogenic value (unlike paraffin-based moisturisers), which means they don’t clog pores.

Try dabbing Balmonds Scalp Oil on spots: it’s a great purifying rescue oil for problem patches, as it’s rich in naturally antibacterial tea tree, stimulating rosemary and super-nourishing borage. Our Cooling Cream with aloe, lavender and menthol is a great lotion for looking after skin that’s prone to inflammation, while Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil - made with regenerative rosehip and calming lavender - is a fantastic night-time oil for supporting the healthy production of new skin cells. If you need a good, neutral, unperfumed daily moisturiser, Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream with shea butter and hemp seed oil, will do the trick, without clogging pores.


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