How To Use Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil

Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil is a super-rich blend of rosehip, calendula, lavender, chamomile, palmarosa and grapeseed oils, all ingredients chosen for their nutritious and regenerative properties.

Getting the most out of your Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil

It’s such a great little blend that we encourage our customers to use it in other ways than on the face. Here are some suggestions:

Works to improve the appearance of

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Stretchmarks
  • Scars
  • Blemishes
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Areas of skin discoloured by topical treatments for eczema
  • Pregnancy-related skin discolouration (melasma)

It’s also great as part of a daily skincare regime, for regulating and supporting the skin’s natural regenerative cycle, especially for those prone to rosacea or psoriasis.

Try it if you have areas of skin damaged by eczema scratching, topical steroid use, or need extra care for sensitive skin after radiotherapy or chemo skin sensitivity

It also makes a fantastic nail oil for nails and cuticles; just apply to clean, unvarnished nails and massage in.

You can also add a few drops to other products to enrich them further; for example, add to our Daily Moisturising Cream to make a rich night-time face cream.

Directions for use

Dispense a few drops of the oil onto your fingertips and apply to freshly cleansed, slightly damp skin last thing at night. Massage it very gently onto your cheeks, forehead and chin, smoothing over lips, nose and under eyes with gentle upwards strokes to distribute evenly over the whole face. Leave on overnight.

Be careful not to leave on exposed skin in very bright, very hot sunshine as this all-natural product does not have an SPF and there might be a risk of burning due to the high oil content. In those circumstances, it’s best to apply the oil in the evening and leave to work overnight.

For a more intensive emollient, especially if skin is broken or scratched raw from itching, we’d suggest you use our beeswax-based Skin Salvation instead or as well as the facial oil.

Patch test first

As with any new skincare product, even one as gentle as this, we always advise that you patch test a tiny amount of the oil behind the ear or in the crook of your elbow for at least 24 hours before widespread use. Please visit our Patch Test page for more information.

How do you use your Balmonds?

We’d love to hear from you if you have before and after photos to share: why not document your journey and let other people know how Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil has helped you?

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Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil
with rosehip, calendula, lavender & chamomile

how to use balmonds

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