Is It Good To Have a Facial With Rosacea?

Safe to have facial with rosacea

The short answer is that while self-care is good for rosacea, heat is not.

Rosacea is an inflammatory condition that can flare up with certain triggers. Unfortunately, these triggers include some basic components of conventional skincare treatments, so for many rosacea sufferers having a facial is an absolute no-no.

Because rosacea is such a visible condition, sufferers can feel self-conscious and worried about how they look in public, and sadly stress is as much of a trigger for rosacea flares as sunlight and spicy foods. If feeling good about yourself and looking after your skin is really important, how can you give yourself some proper pampering self-care without triggering a flare-up?

We’d suggest following these simple steps, so that you can boost your well-being while at the same time looking after your precious skin!

Avoid the following:

  • Steam
  • Chemical peels
  • Perfumed products
  • Soap
  • Exfoliators
  • Hot towels
  • Face masks

Instead, try this as a pampering session to lower stress and increase well-being:

  1. Use warm, not hot, water to wash your face first
  2. Cleanse your face very gently with a non-soap cleanser
  3. Pat dry very gently - don’t rub with a towel, face cloth or sponge
  4. Make sure there’s a cold air fan near you to take the heat out of the situation
  5. Massage an enriching facial oil into your skin very, very lightly
  6. Pay gentle attention to the temples, around and under the eyes
  7. Use a fridge-cooled jade roller - gently! - to cool flushed skin
  8. Sit back for ten minutes with a cooling gel mask over your eyes
  9. Finish with a good, thorough foot rub or shoulder massage

Recommended products:

Facial Oils Set

Balmonds Facial Oils Set

Intensive Facial Oil with rosehip, lavender and palmarosa

Rosehip is incredibly rich in regenerative nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids, all of which can help regulate the healthy repair of damage or delicate skin. Blended with naturally anti-inflammatory oils, this oil can be used regularly to keep rosacea-prone skin in good healthy condition.

Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil with rosehip, calendula and safflower

This nourishing oil can be used in many ways, although its primary purpose is as an oil cleanser to remove both makeup and daily grime. It can also be used as a neutral massage oil or a body oil after bathing.



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