5 Top Tips To Help Manage Diabetic Skin Problems

5 top tips for diabetic skin care

Diabetics are more likely to suffer from dry, itchy skin which is more vulnerable to infection. Here are our 5 top tips for looking after your skin if you've got diabetes!

  1. CONTROL your diabetes! Keeping your blood sugar under control is the best way of looking after your skin, keeping it healthy, hydrated, robust and less prone to problems.
  2. CHECK for cuts or sores every few days even if you don’t feel them; that means a careful visual check all over but particularly the feet, looking for sores, blisters, cuts or any changes in the skin.
  3. COVER up: wear long sleeves and trousers if you’re likely to get scratched outside; put plasters on any cuts.
  4. CARE for your skin: make yourself a comprehensive skincare regime to keep it healthy and in great condition by moisturising daily, using fragrance-free, hypoallergenic products, finding a gentle soap-free cleanser, and bathing in luke-warm (not hot) water. Nutrition and hydration are important too, so eat food rich in Omega fats, and drink plenty of water.
  5. CLEAN cuts straight away: don’t neglect them as they’re at higher risk of infection. Treat any wounds, bites, cuts, grazes, blisters, ulcers or sores with antiseptic immediately and get them checked out if they don’t improve.

See our blog on the Best Natural Treatments For Diabetic Rash for more information on practical strategies for keeping skin healthy and itch-free, including a guide to which Balmonds products work best for looking after diabetic skin!

Recommended products:

Balmonds Skin Salvation & Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream are both packed full of the essential nutrients diabetic skin needs to stay in great condition. Daily use will help strengthen the skin barrier function and make sure that skin is soft, supple and healthy. Keep them with you in your bag so you can top up throughout the day!

Skin Salvation is a great salve for any areas of very dry or broken skin, and can provide immediate protection for minor cuts, grazes, insect bites etc.

Daily Moisturising Cream is a soft, nourishing cream that can be used on hands, feet, body and face, and is a great moisturiser to use everyday.

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