Ultimate Guide To Travelling With Eczema

This weekend planes are returning to the skies and holidays abroad are an option again!

Travelling can be difficult at the best of times if you’re living with eczema or another long-term skin condition, but the added challenge of having to wear masks and wash your hands constantly can make caring for sensitive skin even more problematic.

Masks can make faces hot, sweaty, and sore, and frequent hand washing can dry out your skin, but there's also heat, humidity, dust, insects, and unfamiliar food to contend with: all extra hurdles that might cause a reaction. Not to mention the minefield of hotel bedding and access to medicines!

So what can you do to prepare?

  • Don’t use new toiletries for the first time while you’re away!
    Stick to familiar moisturisers or patch test really carefully the week before you leave home. This particularly applies to sunscreen.
  • Pack for the journey
    Decant your emollient into smaller pots and take with it you into the cabin, or have it close to hand in a car, train, coach or boat. Keep hydrated en route!
  • Pack smart
    Take clothes that are easily layered and which you can take on and off easily and quickly, so you avoid getting either overheated in the sun or chilled in air con.
  • Go long
    Take extra light, very fine, long-sleeved or long-legged cotton garments; these can be more comfortable and more protective than sleeveless.
  • Take a change of clothes in carry-on luggage
    Just in case you need to change during or immediately after the journey, or in case of lost luggage
  • Pack more emollients than you think you might need!
    Don’t stint, holiday skin can need a lot more moisture than expected, and you may not be able to get hold of any creams that suit your skin while away.
  • Wash your own clothes
    Take your own skin-safe laundry detergent with you! Take bed linen If you react to detergents, take your own sheets, pillowcases and towels with you and wash them with your own detergent.
  • Shower little and often!
    Wash off dust, sea water, pollen and other allergens as soon as you return to your holiday apartment or hotel, but keep showers brief and lukewarm.
  • Check your room on arrival
    Remove dust-gathering or allergenic items such scented toiletries, dusty bed covers, air fresheners, and leave a note for hotel cleaning staff not to replace them
  • Go for aircon
    If there’s a choice between a room with or without aircon, choose aircon so you can cool down, but don’t forget to moisturise madly to counter its dehydrating effects!
  • Cool packs
    Take a cooling ice towel or cool packs to bring down your temperature
  • Location, location, location
    Locate your nearest pharmacy and medical centre as soon as you arrive
  • Insurance
    Check your travel insurance policy to make sure you’re adequately covered for extreme reactions
  • Overpack the medications!
    Bring all your medications and creams you might possibly need with you, even if it seems extreme! You may not be able to find them where you’re going. Err on the side of caution.
  • Water
    Drink plenty of water: pack your own chill bottle and fill it daily.

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