Why COVID-19 Lockdown Is Drying Your Skin Out

Why COVID-19 Lockdown Is Drying Your Skin Out

If you’re stuck inside for weeks on end, you may notice your skin is getting dry, flaky or sore. But why?! We take a look at the likely causes of lockdown dehydration.


Stress is under-acknowledged as a cause of dry skin, but it is a major factor in how your skin reacts. In the field of ‘psychodermatology’ it’s recognised that anxiety can affect the healthy functioning of the skin’s natural cycle of repair and regeneration, with the release of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol being responsible for increased sweating, greater moisture loss, and inflammation that can damage skin.


Is your indoor environment too dry?! Are you drinking enough fluids throughout the day? Are you getting fresh air? If you feel that the rooms you’re stuck in are drying out your skin, open the windows, and consider investing in a humidifier, to up the moisture contain of the air you’re living in!


It’s understandable: staying put and being bored means you’ve got more time to eat! And it’s easy to eat more of the sugar and alcohol that can affect your skin. No judgement here, but do try to increase your consumption of oils rich in essential fatty acids to rebalance things a bit! Nuts, seeds, oily fish, hemp seed oil etc will help.


Sleeplessness, like stress, isn’t talked about enough where dry skin is concerned, but your skin really does need its beauty sleep. For some great tips on getting better sleep, see Ruth Holroyd’s article.

If your skin is suffering under lockdown, try some intensive Skin Salvation therapy! Read our article Coronavirus Lockdown: Top 5 Ways To Stop Your Skin Drying Out At Home and slather on the salve.

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