Can I Still Go Swimming If I Get Chlorine Rash?

Swimming with chlorine rash

Worried about heading to the pool when you have sensitive skin? Understandable, given how painful and uncomfortable chlorine rash can be...

...but with a few precautions, you can still go swimming!

We've got some suggestions for you, if you have an urge to swim but swimming pool water makes your skin flare up.

1. Moisturise before and after. Follow our 5 step 'Chlorine Protection Routine' to make sure your skin is as well protected as possible.

2. Seek out less chlorinated pools. Ask your local hydrotherapy pool what chemicals they use; they may use less harsh alternatives or even dispense with chlorine entirely.

3. Go wild! Sea swimming and wild swimming in freshwater lakes and pools is getting more and more popular. Do be aware that both options bring their own potential skin-related pitfalls, in the form of bacteria, algae, jellyfish and sewage (!), but many people with eczema find sea swimming a huge relief. See our article Could Sea Swimming Benefit Your Eczema?

4. Build up skin resilience: boost your diet and skincare with EFA-rich oils, like the hemp we use in Skin Salvation. Pile it on your food and on your skin, so that your skin barrier function is in the best possible condition to cope with chlorine.

5. Keep hydrated: drink before and after your swim to keep water levels up.

For more information about looking after your skin when swimming, see our article on The Best Natural Treatment For Chlorine Rash.


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