Top Tips For Bathing A Baby With Eczema

Bathing can be really problematic for parents trying to keep their baby’s skin clean and healthy.

Here are our top tips for making bathtimes with a baby with eczema as easy as possible.

Bathe less frequently 

Daily baths are not always necessary for babies, unless they’re getting themselves really grubby, or they’re getting prickly and sweaty in hot weather. If you baby hates baths so much that they’re getting distressed, top and tail them and clean under chins and under arms with oil and cotton wool instead.

Luke warm - not hot 

Hot water is really not great for dry or sore skin; keep bath water tepid. Keep it short Keep baths to fifteen minutes max; any longer risks dehydration.

Ban the bubbles! 

It’s fine not to use any products in a bath, but especially important not to use soaps, SLS shampoos or bubble bath if your baby’s skin is sensitive. They’re not necessary and even the ones marketed as ‘eczema-friendly’ tend to contain harsh irritant ingredients.

Add some oats... 

However, you can add other things to help soften the water! Put a handful of porridge oats in the end of an old pair of tights, tie in a know and let it release its oaty goodness into the water.

...Or add some oil! 

Balmonds Bath & Body Oil is a great additive to baths, mitigating the drying effects of water as it covers the skin in a fine protective film of oil.

Try a water softener 

If you live in a hard water area it could be worth investing in a water softening filter.

Soak then seal 

Time is of the essence once your little one is out of the bath. As soon as they’re patted dry (gently so as not to damage skin further) you need to get an emollient on all over within three minutes. Leaving the skin a little bit damp is better than bone dry.

Recommended baby skincare

Bath & Body Oil
with lavender, hemp and olive

Balmonds Skin Salvation
with hemp and beeswax

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