Covid Rash On Fingers

Covid-19 has a variety of symptoms, some more painful and concerning than others, and it’s now clear that the virus can sometimes affect the skin. This blog examines symptoms of Covid rash on the fingers.

There are many different ways in which Covid-19 manifests in someone infected with the virus, from no outward signs at all, to multiorgan failure. In between, there’s a cluster of common symptoms which together can help lead to a diagnosis. One of these major symptoms is what’s now being called ‘Covid toe’, but it can also affect the fingers. For many people, getting Covid toe is the only symptom of the virus they experience.

What is Covid Toe?

Covid toe can range from the very mild to seriously painful; it looks very much like chilblains, ie a swollen, sore, purplish patch around the nail. Sometimes the swelling, bumps and discolouration is accompanied by soreness, itch and discomfort, but not always. There may also be some pus present in the swelling.
This type of rash is most common in younger people infected with Covid-19.

Covid toe on the fingers

Although it’s mostly known as Covid toe, the same bumpy swelling can also affect the fingers. As on the feet, this can appear around the sides of the nails and feel sore, itchy and uncomfortable. It can also look discoloured - red, purple or brown depending on surrounding skin colour - and swollen.

Other kinds of Covid rash

There are several different types of rash associated with Covid-19, only one of which is the swollen, chilblain-like Covid toe. These include rashes that look like hives, chicken pox, bruises, prickly heat and eczema. Any of these could also show up on the hands and feet, so it’s possible for your fingers to be prickly, spotty, blistered or bruised-looking from other Covid-related rashes.

The trouble with Covid-19 is that there’s not one just rash that’s associated with the virus: there are several very different ones which are all easily mistaken for similar rashes with different causes. If a rash doesn’t go away, looks infected, is very uncomfortable and can’t be soothed, then contact your doctor. You may be asked to isolate in line with government regulations around Covid-19, or you may find that the rash is unrelated to coronavirus, and needs a different diagnosis.

Treating Covid rash on the fingers

Most Covid-related rashes don’t need treatment and improve on their own, although of course if you have other symptoms of Covid-19, consult your doctor and isolate yourself.

If the rash is painful or itchy, you can try various things to make yourself more comfortable:

  • Cold compresses
  • Ice packs
  • Soft, fine, comfortable socks
  • Balmonds Cooling Cream

Recommended products for Covid Skin Rash:

Balmonds Cooling Cream
with shea, menthol, aloe vera & lavender


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