How To Use Balmonds Bath & Body Oil

With its blend of chamomile, calendula, lavender, safflower and hemp, this is a rich and nourishing emollient oil that works wonders on dry skin.

Getting the best out of your Balmonds Bath & Body Oil!

  • Splash it In the bath! Bath & Body Oil makes a great relaxing addition to a warm bath, filling the room with a gentle floral scent. (Please be careful with slippery surfaces when getting out)
  • After bathing. Water, oddly enough, can be very dehydrating, so slather the oil all-over within a couple of minutes of getting out of the bath or shower to lock in moisture.
  • As a relaxing massage oil
  • As a cleansing oil to remove the daily grind
  • As a beard or scalp oil
  • Before, during or after shaving - whether legs or chin!
  • For a gentle baby massage: lavender and chamomile are the perfect combo for calming babies down after a bath or at the end of the day
  • To nourish and protect against chafing in folds, creases, thighs and anywhere else

Directions for use:

As a bath oil: add about one tablespoon of oil to warm* bath water. Take care to wash the bath thoroughly after use and to use a anti-slip bath mat as calendula oil can stain and the oils can make the bath slippy.

As a body oil: apply the oil liberally to any part of the body, face or hands as often as you need to throughout the day. Bath & Body Oil is particularly effective as an emollient when used during or immediately after bathing: apply the oil to skin that has been patted dry but is still a little damp to lock in moisture and keep skin soft and smooth.

As a facial cleansing oil: tip a small amount of oil - about the size of a fifty pence piece – into your palm and massage it carefully into your face, very gently working it into the areas around the eyes to loosen make-up. Can be left on for a couple of minutes if needed, especially if it’s tackling thick mascara! Then remove with either a warm, wet washcloth or warm, damp cotton wool.

*If your skin is prone to eczema or other dry skin conditions, it’s a good idea to avoid having really hot baths as this can make your skin extra itchy and dry.

Be careful not to use on exposed skin in very bright, very hot sunshine as this all-natural product does not have an SPF and there might be a risk of burning due to the high oil content. In those circumstances, it’s best to apply the oil in the evening and leave to work overnight.

For a more intensive emollient, especially if skin is broken or scratched raw from itching, we’d suggest you use our beeswax-based Skin Salvation instead or as well as the body oil.

Always do a patch test

As with any new skincare product, even one as gentle as this, we always advise that you patch test a tiny amount of the oil behind the ear or in the crook of your elbow for at least 24 hours before widespread use. We recommend customers patch test before use as some people may be allergic to herbs, oils or beeswax. See our Patch Test page for more information.

Could you get your Balmonds on prescription?

Any off-list prescription is at the discretion of your GP but our skincare is prescribed to many people across the UK who find Balmonds are the only emollients their skin can tolerate.

For a more intensive emollient, especially if skin is broken or scratched raw from itching, we’d suggest you use our beeswax-based Skin Salvation instead or as well as the body oil.

How do you use your Balmonds?

We’d love to hear from you if you have before and after photos to share: why not document your journey and let other people know how Bath & Body Oil helps your skin?

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Bath & Body Oil
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