Rosacea Awareness Month

Rosacea Awareness Month

April is Rosacea Awareness month, a time to learn about the symptoms, implications and possible treatments for this under-reported and often really debilitating condition.

...the condition can profoundly damage quality of life because of its effect on personal appearance...all it takes is a single blemish or a single comment about having a red face to ruin someone’s day.
- Dr. Linda Stein Gold (Director of dermatology clinical research at the Henry Ford Health System)

For many of the 415 million individuals worldwide who suffer from rosacea, the inflammatory skin condition is more than just an inconvenience - it can become a distressing daily ordeal, as sufferers struggle to cope with constant flare-ups of reddened, flushed and super-sensitive skin.

This April, people living with rosacea have been mobilising to get rosacea into the public consciousness, speaking up on social media about the challenges of the condition, sharing their stories and posting #nofilter selfies. It’s a great example of collective courage and support, as well a brilliant educational opportunity to counter the ignorance about rosacea.

Balmonds are happy to support rosacea warriors and wish them all strength and confidence in their daily fight against the flare!

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Rosacea typically first appears after age 30 as a redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead that grows ruddier and more persistent over time, and small blood vessels may become visible. Without treatment, bumps and pimples often develop, and burning and stinging are common.” 
- National Rosacea Society


Although rosacea is a chronic, life-long condition that can’t be cured, there are ways to manage it. Here are some of our top tips for looking after flushed faces with the care and gentleness they deserve:

  • Detox your toiletries
    Over-exfoliation, overuse of cosmetic retinol, perfumed toiletries, harsh preservatives, synthetic ingredients can all irritate already sensitive skin and cause a rosacea flare so it’s definitely worth having an overhaul of your bathroom cabinet and switching to natural.
  • Turn Down The Heat
    Keep bath/shower water luke-warm, not hot. Avoid overheating, sweating, intense exercise, radiators. Cool down with ice packs, fans (handheld & on your desk), cooling aloe (such as in our Cooling Cream), or damp face cloths.
  • Avoid Triggers
    Soap, caffeine, red wine, sunlight, spicy foods, wind, and (hardest of all to cut out) stress can all trigger rosacea flare-ups. Keep a flare diary to identify your own specific triggers.
  • Feed Your Face
    ...with skin-kind nutrients to regulate the natural cycle of regeneration and repair. Top of the list is rosehip oil, although hemp, borage, sea buckthorn and flax are also rich in the essential fatty acids that fragile skin needs.
  • Be Informed About Topical Steroids: these should only be used on the face at low potencies and for very limited periods of time; the use of topical corticosteroids has been linked to perioral dermatitis and steroid-induced rosacea.

Any Balmonds product are suitable for rosacea - as they’re all nutritious, protective, low comedogenic and unperfumed – it really just depends which you’re most comfortable using.

We recommend trying this rosacea-friendly trio of products in combination:

The Salve

Skin Salvation is a rich, nutritious ointment that feeds the skin with the vitamins and oils it needs to regenerate healthily. Great for protecting the skin against wind, cold and external irritants.

The Cream

Cooling Cream with aloe, lavender and menthol to soothe, cool and moisturise, this lush cream is a lighter, shea butter based moisturiser, great for daytime use.

The Oil

Our amazing Intensive Facial Oil with lavender, chamomile and calendula works perfectly as an overnight treatment for rosacea, being rich in soothing, regenerative rosehip oil to regulate skin cell repair.

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