What Cures Eczema Fast?!

What Cures Eczema Fast?!

While there’s no known medication which will cure eczema, there are many strategies that can help manage your symptoms and make eczema easier to live with.

It hurts to say that there’s not actually a cure for eczema per se, but it’s important to know that even as a chronic condition, eczema can be managed. With a positive approach towards maintaining a healthy relationship with your skin both physically and mentally, and a toolkit of strategies for keeping your skin healthy and resilient, eczema can be liveable with, even if it can’t be banished entirely!

Of course, caring for your skin with the use of emollients is one of the most important ways of keeping it as hydrated and as flare-up free as possible, but being in touch with your skin and how it reacts to certain triggers can also help sufferers live with their condition.

More than skin deep: treating eczema holistically

With the skin being the largest organ of the body - the barrier that protects what lies beneath! - it is a really big part of a whole system that needs to be cared for holistically.

Strategies for managing eczema include: 

  • Identifying and avoiding your own particular triggers
  • Making sure your body is well-nourished
  • Reducing inflammation in your body
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Using stress management techniques
  • Wearing comfortable, non-irritating clothes
  • Wet-wraps or dry wraps
  • Bathing in emollients/salts
  • Controlling infection
  • Breaking the itch-scratch cycle
  • Scratch distraction techniques
  • Using emollients to lock in moisture
Finding the right emollients for your skin

Finding skincare products that do more than just a decent job can be especially hard when your skin is prone to eczema. More often than not, you’re left between a rock and a hard place with a choice of over-the-counter creams that end in flare-ups, or anti-inflammatory steroid creams which aren’t recommended for long-term use and can actually have some serious side effects. Sounds quite disheartening, doesn’t it?

With next to nothing to lose, why not try a natural approach? Unlike many creams that can be bought over the counter or prescribed by your GP, Balmonds offers an alternative and all-natural strategy for struggling skin of any age and condition. We just want to make life easier and more comfortable for those with eczema-prone skin.

Going the free-from route!

Our products are free from common irritants like perfume and other heavily processed synthetic ingredients; we don’t use sulphates, parabens, paraffin, or other synthetic agents used to foam, colour, scent or change the texture of products. Instead, we source our ingredients naturally, organically and locally wherever possible, to make sure our products can be as safe and effective as possible for sensitive skin without any short or longer-term side effects.

Balmonds offers a wide range of safe and effective natural emollients that can be applied topically and as frequently as you feel your poor skin needs it. If you’re looking for an all-rounder that ticks all the boxes, look no further than our award-winning Skin Salvation ointment – an oil and wax-based salve that locks in moisture and creates a long-lasting barrier without the help of synthetic chemicals. It’s rich, easy and smooth and 99% of users say that it doesn’t sting on application.

Of course, we can appreciate that not every patch of skin is the same – some sensitive areas require delicate and refined attention, yet rough areas seek more intense care. This is why we have such an extensive product range, so that they can be combined to target and alleviate your symptoms, even if you are battling more than one skin condition.

Balmonds natural emollients

For instance, if you prefer a gentler type of emollient on your face, try our Daily Moisturiser; if it’s your hands that are in need of some severe TLC, then check out our Intensive Hand Cream. For dehydrated elbows, cracked heels and dry knees, our Skin Salvation does the trick. We also have a selection of different oils that lend even more moisture be it for your face, scalp, or body – again only using all-natural ingredients and fragranced with essential oils as opposed to perfume.

If you’re not sure which products are best for your skin or your condition, or how you can combine various products, our website provides more insight and detail – either on the Info Hub, or simply just by looking through the different sets and bundles we have created to target different skin issues.

Recommended products for eczema-prone skin:

Balmonds Skin Salvation
with hemp and beeswax

Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream
with shea butter and calendula

Bath & Body Oil
with lavender, hemp and olive

Skin Salvation balm with beeswax, hemp & chamomile (from £7.99 for 30ml)

Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream with shea butter, hemp & calendula (from £13.99 for 100ml)

Balmonds Bath & Body Oil with lavender, hemp & chamomile (£12.99 for 200ml)


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