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Sep 12, 2022

Going Live With Itch’n’Bitch

Exciting News! As part of our #ShareYourFlare campaign this National Eczema Awareness Week Balmonds is going live with the fabulous girls from Itch’N’Bitch!

Itch’N’Bitch is a social platform and podcast created by Katie and Daisy - who we’re thrilled to say first met online through a shared love of Balmonds. Within a month, they’d set up a community platform to raise awareness and provide support for fellow itchy people, with a mission to normalise eczema-prone skin in all its glorious variety. 

Come join us on Friday 16th September at 6pm (UK time) over on our Instagram story (@Balmonds_Skincare). 

We will be chatting all things eczema as Katie and Daisy share their flare stories and their flare care tips.

We can’t wait to see you there! Click through here to watch.


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