Is Chlorine Rash Contagious?

Is chlorine rash infectious

If swimming pools bring you out in hives, you may wonder what on earth's going on!

The itchy, bumpy, sore rash might look like a nasty virus or bacterial infection, but don't worry, it's not infectious!

Chlorine rash is simply irritant contact dermatitis, a reaction to the harsh chemicals used to treat the water of public swimming pools. It's not a virus, an infection or an allergic reaction.

Chlorine can trigger an inflammatory response, histamine release and subsequent itching, spots and raised areas of skin, but it should subside within a few days without any long-term harm or danger to anyone else.

Of course, chlorine is not the only possible culprit for a post-dip rash: check out Why Do I Get A Rash When I Go Swimming? for other possible causes, and always check it out with a doctor if you're worried.

For more information about looking after your skin when swimming, see our article on The Best Natural Treatment For Chlorine Rash.


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