Pregnancy & Postnatal

The gentlest skincare for pregnancy and the postnatal period

Your skin can be super sensitive during and after pregnancy, even to ingredients and products that you’ve always tolerated well before. It can be a good time to switch up to non-synthetic skincare, and treat hormonal skin to some really nourishing natural ingredients!

We recommend these gentle moisturisers, cleansers and balms to look after your skin in pregnancy and afterwards. Our super-intensive Rosehip Scar Oil is a great all-purpose conditioning oil to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks, makes a great natural perineal massage oil, and works well as a facial oil to even out skin tone or pregnancy-related melasma. And if you’re getting hot and bothered, itchy all over, or plagued by dryness, dial down the heat with our amazing, award-winning Cooling Cream, rich in lavender, aloe and menthol, to ace both hydrating and cooling your skin!